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It really shouldn't have taken me this long, especially considering how happy I was to be tagged by he lovely :iconkarenbjd:
But thats just me being late to the party as usual.

So here it goes!


Who was your first doll? Do you still own him, her, or it?

Oooh, my first doll was an Angel Fantasy Xu. I knew like next to nothing about my own personal preference for bjd aesthetics, I just knew I wanted one. His name was Vincent, and he got the honor of being the first to bear the weight of my first sewing/face-up/wig-making attempts.


Who is your favourite doll?

Awww, so hard. I love all my dollies. Buuuuuut probably Marlowe, hes just beautiful.


Which doll do you hope or plan to buy next?

Hmm, as I’m known for spontaneous purchases, it could be anything. But planned? A body for the DZ Raphael head I have floating around.


Quick! You’ve instantly got $800 and must choose a doll to spend it on right now or it’s gone forever! Who do you pick?

Oh jeez! I love so many dolls, but uh – probably a Supia Hayul in tan at this point.


Quick! You’ve instantly got enough money for any one and must choose a doll to spend it on right now or it’s gone forever, but this time you have to buy the doll for someone else! Who gets the dolly, and what do you get them?

Ooooh! This is interesting – it would probably be a surprise gift for someone I haven’t talked to in a while. She got me into bjds because she was super into them, but never had the money to buy them. I believe the doll she was really interested in was an Iplehouse sculpt. So I’d buy that and send it to her as a surprise gift.


Are you currently waiting on any dolls, heads, or bodies?

For the first time in months, I am not waiting on anything! We’ll see how long that lasts.


Do any of your dolls seem to like you to the point that they are infatuated with you?

Probably Queen B – just because he has that adorable smile and big eyes. He just kind of resonates friendliness and happiness, and hes super cooperative during photoshoots XD


Do any of your dolls seem to dislike or even hate you?

Aww man, right now its probably Pascal. Probably because I got rid of all his friends and haven’t taken pictures of him in forever. Not to mention hes got this completely apathetic looking face-sculpt. Every time I look up at the shelf hes on, he just has this look of pure contempt on his face. Its brilliant.


How many characters do you have in your story (if there is a story)?

Theres not really a story any more – just because of my spontaneous purchases. I just like pretty dolls and when they get here, I learn their personality and they join the ‘family’ in some way. My general setting is a bunch of young adults/teens living in some sort of apartment complex. So it makes sense if they are ‘moving in’ or ‘moving out’ and makes sense that they all know each other in some way.


Who’s your most expensive doll at the time you purchased them, not counting items you bought separately for them?

Hahahaha, my Limhwa Mono for Christmas last year. He wasn’t even that expensive new, considering some prices – but as someone who has only paid $200 at the most for a doll, almost $400 was a huge step. I hope I can somehow make it a yearly tradition. Buying a more expensive doll each Christmas.


Which doll had the shortest wait so far?

Hmm, that’s hard to say. I buy a lot of my dolls secondhand and most people in the US ship 2 day priority, so a lot of my dolls have had super short waits.


Who’s the biggest doll you own?

My Limhwa Mono, Marlowe. Hes a lot bigger than I thought he would be. Hes almost a head taller than Queen B, who has a single-jointed RS body – but hes just as skinny.


Got any floating heads? If yes, how likely are they to receive bodies anytime soon?

Yessssssss. I never thought it would happen because I hate the idea of having a doll I can’t play with. But I do currently have a floating head, a Dollzone Raphael which I got in a trade. I was saving up to get him a body, but then there was a good deal on an Unoa head so I had to buy it. And then I had to buy a cheap body for the head. Uggghhh, the poor kid is going to have to wait a while for the body cuz my dolls funds are currently 0$ - not to mention I want him to have one of the new Dollzone bodies or a Doll Chateau body and those are expensive :P


Got any floating bodies?

Naw, all bodies have heads on them :D


Do you have any extra, unclaimed pairs of eyes? How many if so?

Mmm, a few – not as much as you’d think. Whenever I sell a doll, I always throw in the eyes. I’ve only bought maybe three or four pairs myself. So I might have two or three pairs of extra eyes and they aren’t all the nicest quality.


Do you have any extra, unclaimed wigs? How many if so?

A lot surprisingly, because I went on a bit of a wig-making spree a while back. I thought it would be cool to have dolls with multi-colored hair, but it turns out I’m actually not a fan of crazy hair like I thought I was. So I’ve got a bunch of crazy colored wigs and no one to wear them!


Anything you’ve said “never” to in the hobby that you later gave in to?


I said I’d never spend over $200 on a bjd.

I said I’d never buy a bjd new from the company.

I said I’d never buy clothes online for my dolls.

I said I’d never trade a doll with anyone.

I said I’d never make a hybrid.

There are probably more, I just can’t think of them. And most of these aren’t because I didn’t like them, but because I was scared of the cost/scared something would go wrong. I still haven’t sent a doll out for a face-up, and surprisingly I haven’t been that tempted yet.


Do you own dolls that aren’t BJDs?

Hmm, no really. As a general rule, I don’t really like dolls except BJDs. HOWEVER I am seeing some super cute dolfie dreams popping up everywhere on my flickr/dA/tumblr and I’m kind of really interested in maybe getting one someday. They are just so cute.


What was your last doll-related purchase?

I bought a headback for my newest Unoa face-plate. Now I can take pictures of both of them at the same time XD


What do you expect your next doll-related purchase to be?

I would hope that it would be a body for my floating head – but I can’t guarantee that with my purchasing history.


What was the last doll related thing to arrive to you by mail?

The headback!


What was the last doll related thing you purchased in person?

Oooh, I went on a bit of shopping spree at AC Moore – they had a bunch of doll sized dressers and drawers that I bought.


Okay, confess a secret about your BJDs that nobody knows about!!

Uhh, I’m not that secretive about my dolls. I actually wrote a huge post on tumblr, basically explaining everything about how I characterize and get to know my dolls. Its all out there in the open really.

I guess the one thing I didn’t really explain as that they are all certain aspects of myself. Like they aren’t really representational purposely, but as their personalities develop I realize a lot of their core personality is made up of different parts of myself. Queen B is a ‘party girl’ based off how I like to have fun with friends, Marlowe is the shy, broody one based off of how I tend to think too deeply and even over-think things. I’m not sure about Pascal because I haven’t played with him in a while. But I have the feeling Ashton is going to based off of the selfish, lay-about part of myself. 

I'll go ahead and tag a few people. I hope ya'll don't mind, especially if you've already done it! XD

:iconangelwulff: :iconnomi800: :iconblankqueentoo: :iconcalio4: :iconcometblack:

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Welcome to Giddychilde's House!

This is where I'll be keeping a lot of the photos for the bjd family, which seems to be ever growing at this point. Theres not much to say besides that. I love questions and don't hesitate to ask.

Currently in the house:
Marlowe - Limhwa Mono
Queen B - Unoa L-Bi/Resinsoul Hybrid
Pascal - M-Doll Moon
Ashton - Unoa Bi-L/Doll Leaves Hybrid

On the way home:

I'm not a professional photographer in anyway, and I'm still learning a lot about photography and cameras. But I appreciate everyone who looks and likes my pictures!

Thanks and enjoy!

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